• Trademark Attorneys

Trademark Attorneys

Here at London IP, we are proud of our talented and knowledgeable team of trademark attorneys, who bring professionalism and years of experience to every case that they deal with.

A trademark lawyer will deal with all aspects of trademarking, from initial trademark searches through registration to assignment, infringement and opposition cases.

A London IP trademark attorney will prioritise the protection of your brand’s identity and integrity, helping to ensure you receive the rights you are due as well as preserving your reputation.

What is a trademark attorney?

Trademark attorneys, trademark agents or trademark lawyers undergo rigorous training in the laws of intellectual property. Our trademark attorneys boast background education and industry experience in several key areas such as technology, engineering and sciences. They specialize in securing their clients’ trademark protection and advising on exploitation and infringement of trademarks.

Like other legal professionals, a trademark lawyer is bound by the professional law of confidentiality, ensuring information that clients share with them remains confidential. This means that whether you approach us to discuss the possibility of trademarking on behalf of an individual or a business, you will not jeopardise your rights in any way.

You can find out more about the dedicated trademark attorneys who are part of the London IP team here, including information about their individual experience and unique industry backgrounds.

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