Inventors & Product Designers Wanted

Are you an inventor in need of a little inspiration? Or perhaps you are looking for advice on product development or IP rights? Then look no further as we have the seminar that will get you creating again. 

Our monthly seminars, held at The British Library in collaboration with product design agency Bang Creations will leave you informed and inspired.

In a tale of two halves the first part of the seminar is led by Stefan Knox, director of Bang Creations  and covers how you can try to ensure that the product you design will be commercially successful. 

The second part of the seminar is led by David Warrilow of London IP, patent and trademark attorneys. He looks at the different ways of protecting an idea, either with a registered design or a patent.

Explaining the process of filing an application and the costs involved he also gives advice on the importance of searching of existing patents/designs before embarking on the expensive tooling costs for a product that may never go beyond the development stage. The subject of IP infringement is looked at, as well as IP ownership. 

By sharing case studies of different projects that London IP and Bang Creations have worked on the seminar gives the participant a real life view of what can be achieved when the right advice is sought and the correct methods applied to product design.

With 17 years experience in taking their clients’ products to market as well as manufacturing their own products to sell, you can be assured that Bang Creations give advice worth listening to, and if you want to benefit from the wealth of knowledge of UK and European patent and trademark attorneys London IP then consider signing up for a seminar soon.

Over 80% of attendees of the seminar, which has now run nearly every month for over five years, have rated it as ‘excellent’.

A link to book tickets may be found on our website: