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Intellectual Property Basics

We’re frequently asked: What does intellectual property mean? Our experts can help you get to grips with the intellectual property basics, so that you can identify your own intellectual property and understand the processes involved in protecting it and maximising your assets.

What is intellectual property?

Different types of intellectual property protect different aspects of new thought, creative effort and innovation and if you’re not familiar with the field, it can be difficult to work out which intellectual property laws apply where. However, this is essential intellectual property information when it comes to working out protection is available for your idea, design, brand or business.

In fact, it is not uncommon for several different types of protection to be available for different aspects of a piece of creative work, some of these forms of protection may be free and arise automatically, whereas others can only be obtained by filing applications for protection to the relevant patent and trademark offices.

IP is a narrow, but a very complex area of law, which covers patents, trademarks and other rights such as copyright. The London IP team is made up of experts in these respective fields, all of whom have years of experience of interpreting intellectual property law and applying it for the benefit of clients. We can only provide a very basic overview of the elements that make up intellectual property law on our website, though you’ll also find up to date information and an introduction to current issues and cases over on the London IP blog.

We know that all of our clients require specific advice tailored to their particular needs and that you will also have your own unique circumstances. London IP can work with you to ensure that your IP requirements are best provided for.

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