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Patent Services

Ensuring your creative work is protected through the patent system can be complicated and expensive if the process is not properly planned. From the initial patent searches to determine the feasibility of your patent through to filing your application in the UK, Europe and beyond, the goal of our patent attorneys is to provide as wide a scope of protection as possible, whatever your budget.

With a focus on delivering a wide scope of protection, our experienced patent attorneys in London prioritise your budget without compromising on quality. We offer reliable and cost-effective patent services to safeguard your innovative ideas and inventions

Patent Services With Us

Our patent attorneys can guide you through the whole patent process or consult on a specific patent services to help speed things up for you. We work with businesses of all sizes, from entrepreneurs and start-ups through to big name brands, providing peace of mind through a professional service that helps you get results.

By working with experienced intellectual property lawyers, the process can be expedited. Holding years of experience, London IP will navigate the complexities of any patent application. With our expertise and tailored guidance, you can save time and be rest assured, that your patent application is in capable hands.

Keeping your creativity safe

We assist with the filing, prosecution and licensing on patents, providing UK patent services as well as offering assistance and advice on a European and international scale. Once your patent is in place, we will help you ensure it is maintained correctly, assisting with changes of name or address and renewals and if you think someone has infringed your patent and we can advise on the likelihood of a positive prosecution.Registering a patent

Patents grant exclusive rights for a limited period of time, typically 20 years from the filing date. During this time, it may be crucial for your business to actively monitor and enforce your patent to protect your intellectual property.

Our patent services extend beyond filing and maintenance, as our team can provide strategic advice and support in enforcing your patent rights, including initiating legal actions against potential infringers and assessing the likelihood of a successful prosecution.

If you would like to list an opposition to a patent or patent application, our expert patent attorneys at London IP are available to provide advice and represent you before the UKIPO and the EPO, working towards patent revocation and seeking restitution if appropriate.

From conducting patent searches, filing a patent application, prosecuting the application, maintaining the patent, and enforcing the patent rights; with our experience, you are in excellent hands.

Whatever stage you are at, you will find more information about the steps involved in patent registration and protection in our guide to patents. Should you require any further information or if you would like to discuss how our patent services can help you and your business, please contact London IP for a free telephone consultation.

FAQS Regarding Patent Services

A patent attorney is a specialised legal professional who assists inventors and businesses in protecting their inventions through the patent system. With expertise in intellectual property law, they provide services such as conducting patent searches, drafting patent applications, and advising on patent infringement and enforcement. Patent attorneys play a crucial role in securing legal protection for innovative ideas, and they our attorneys can guide you through the complexities of the patent process to safeguard your intellectual property.
To obtain a patent in the UK, follow these steps: 1. Conduct a thorough patent search to try to find out if your invention is novel and inventive. 2. Prepare a detailed patent application with clear specifications and drawings. 3. File the application with the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), including the necessary forms and fees. 4. The UKIPO will undertake a patent search and examine your application and may raise objections. 5. Respond promptly and professionally to address any objections raised during the examination process. 6. If approved, your patent will be granted, providing exclusive rights to your invention. Remember to pay renewal fees to maintain your patent's protection. Consulting a patent attorney can simplify the process and ensure compliance with legal requirements.
1. Understand that copyright protection is automatically granted upon the creation of an original work in a fixed form, such as writing it down or recording it. 2. Consider marking your work with the copyright symbol (©), the year of creation, and your name to assert your rights. 3. Keep records of your creation, including dates and any revisions made. 4. Formal registration of copyright is not possible in the UK, but you may choose to register your work in some territories that do provide for official registration such as the US and China. 5. Be aware that copyright protection generally lasts for the creator's lifetime plus 70 years. If you have further questions or need specific legal advice, consult a copyright attorney familiar with UK copyright law. 6. Visit our Copyright page to find out more here.
The cost of obtaining a patent in the UK can vary depending on several factors including the complexity of the possible invention and what objections are raised by the patent office during examination. The total cost is made up of professional fees for the time of a patent attorneys, and official fees paid to the UKIPO. It is advisable to consult with a patent attorney at the outset to get a personalised cost estimate based on your specific circumstances and requirements.

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