• Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry & Trademarks

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. 

Do you want to sign up to Amazon Brand Registry but still need a trademark?

Or maybe you need a professional representative for your existing trademark?

Contact London IP and we will take the hassle out of registering your trademark or acting as trademark correspondent so your brand can be recorded in the Amazon Brand Registry.

Why sign up to the Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand Representation – Have greater control over Amazon product pages that feature your brand name, so customers have more accurate information about your brand. 

Brand Protection – Utilise Amazon’s powerful global search tools to find content on different Amazon stores, and search for listings matching your product name or logo.

ASIN Search – Search for a list of Amazon Standard Identification Numbers in bulk to enable fast reporting of any suspected infringed content. Searches completed, the Brand Registry will then act on removing any potential infringers thereby protecting your brand and its IP. 

Getting your Trademark Registered

In order to enrol for Amazon Brand Registry you must have an active and registered trademark in each country that you wish to enrol. 

Amazon is a global marketplace and at London IP we provide trademark protection in the UK, EU and overseas so you can be assured that your trademark is protected from competitors. 

At London IP, intellectual property is our business. Our specialist team of Trademark attorneys will help you through the process of registering your trademark, from establishing the correct trademark classes for goods and services to deciding on the optimum registration for your brand, whether you chose a word mark or an image-based mark with words, letters or numbers.

Throughout the application process our attorneys will report to you and clarify the details of the search and examination procedures involved. Ultimately there is no guarantee your trademark will meet the requirements for registration but we will endeavour to achieve the best result for you.

Recording a Trademark Correspondent

If you already have a trademark registration but Amazon has requested that a professional representative is recorded as agent and address for services then we can also assist. We charge a low one-off fee for recordal meaning that Amazon will then issue a verification code to us, which we can forward to you at no additional cost.

Please contact us if you would like to get started now on registering your trademark or if you need a firm of trademark attorneys to be recorded as representative.

Contact us by telephone +44 (0) 208 158 5960 or email info@londonip.co.uk