• Confidential Information

Confidentiality agreements & confidential information

When you’ve put your hard work and money into developing an idea or product you want to know it’s adequately protected on its way to market. At London IP, our legal experts help you put measures in place to provide peace of mind in these vital early stages and beyond. We craft confidentiality agreements that protect you from breach of confidence and provide advice on all aspects of confidential information handling.

Putting a confidential agreement in place is a crucial step if you wish to disclose your invention to a potential manufacturer in order to plan a launch to market. We have a great deal of experience of working with individuals and companies on confidential information issues across a wide range of sectors.  Our IP specialists offer consultation during the important initial stages of commercial transactions to provide peace of mind and help ensure your intellectual property rights are respected. We also work on non-disclosure agreements for employees, ensuring your ideas are protected from multiple angles.

If you are concerned you or your business may already be subject to a breach of confidence and want to explore your options with regards to protecting your rights, London IP can assist you with any questions you might have.

Contact us for a consultation and we’ll put steps in place to stop your secrets being shared.

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