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Upcoming Events Involving London IP

London IP sometimes hosts or participates in IP-related events. For example, our attorneys have talked on European IP protection at the Institute of Export, run seminars on patenting software and currently co-host an event with Bang Creations at the British Library aimed at helping businesses and lone inventors successfully take new products to market – more information below:

MONTHLY WEBINAR – Plan, Prototype and Protect your Innovation

This is a monthly seminar at the British Library Business & IP Centre aimed at helping anyone with an idea decide what to do next and to avoid making mistakes in commercializing their idea.

The webinar (formerly a seminar at the British Library until early 2020) has been extremely popular, having run for over eight years, and with 86% of attendees rating the seminar ‘excellent’.

Day 1: 10:00 – 12:00 will be presented by Stefan Knox founder of Bang Creations and will focus on designing products for today’s market covering the following topics:

Lifecycle evaluation (from material selection & processes to beyond recyclability),
How to project plan and test for success.
Designing for obsolescence,
Designing in Marketing principles to ensure a commercially viable product.
How to drive your business to produce more sustainably innovative solutions

Day 2 : 10:00 – 12:00 will be presented by David Warrilow of London IP and will explain the process of protecting your product idea and avoiding infringement.

Can you protect your idea with a patent or registered design?
Will your idea infringe any third-party IP rights?
Patent and design strategy
Environmentally friendly patent applications and the UKIPO ‘Green Channel’
IP ownership issues

Upcoming dates:

25 & 26 June 2024

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