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A Brief Word On Costs

The Internet has allowed for a new type of law firm, with professionals dispersed around the country, and without expensive offices. London IP is proud to be one of these firms.

London IP attorneys work at home, and because of our very low overheads we can offer lower charges than other UK firms whilst providing the highest quality intellectual property service.

  • For applications where no problems arise we have fixed prices for:

UK and EU trademark registration
UK and EU design registration

  • For patent application drafting we often work to fixed quotations.
  • For work where we need to charge on a ‘time-spent’ basis we normally endeavour to provide as accurate an estimate as possible prior to performing any work.

We want you to know the likely cost of pursuing IP protection in advance of engaging our services, so you know where you stand.

That is why we provide all new clients with leaflets setting out a breakdown of the costs and procedure involved in seeking patent, trademark and design protection.

We offer a free consultation on any intellectual property matter, and won’t make any charge until you have confirmed that we should represent you.

Contact us for a free consultation and for details of the costs involved in seeking IP protection.

Contact us by telephone +44 (0) 208 158 5960 or email info@londonip.co.uk