• National Trademarks

National Trademark Applications

Direct national trademark applications (as opposed to an international application) can be sensible if you only want protection in a few countries. National applications are also essential for those countries that cannot be designated as part of an international application.

Procedure varies on a country-by-country basis. However, as a general rule the relevant trademark registry will perform a search for earlier registered rights and then examine the application in light of what it finds in the search to determine whether or not the mark should be registered. If objections are raised then after a round of arguments and/or amendments the trademark will either be granted or refused.

The cost varies greatly depending upon the territory, but in general increases with the number of classes of goods/services in the application. Some jurisdictions do not allow for more than one class in the same application, which can increase costs greatly.

The cost of getting a trademark granted varies a lot depending upon what sort of objections, if any, are raised by the national trademark registry.

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