• Paul Harman

Paul Harman – BSc, ARCS, CPA, EPA
Director, Patent Attorney

After obtaining a degree in Physics at Imperial College London, Paul joined the profession in 1993 working in private practice, including the patent commercialisation and licensing company QED, and the head of patents at the London office of a private practice.

Paul has worked in a wide range of mechanical and electronic engineering, electrical and computer-related inventions, for companies ranging in size from Multinationals companies to SMEs and private individuals.

He has experience in coordinating worldwide filing and prosecution of patents, trade mark and designs, subsequent licensing agreements, as well as the enforcement and defence of IP rights.

Paul has extensive experience in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields, including automotive inventions, industrial equipment, heating and lighting products and processes, construction and building developments, electronics, sensors and metrology, RF and wireless technology, telecommunications, multimedia systems, motors and control systems, oil exploration, construction, and consumer goods.  He has a particular expertise in software-implemented inventions and business-related fields, such as mobile apps, data processing, business methods and computer architecture.

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