• Katrina Peebles

Katrina Peebles – BSc, MSc, CPA, EPA, ETMA
Patent Attorney

Katrina joined the patent and trade mark profession in 1997, after graduating from St Andrews University with a BSc in Biochemistry with Microbiology and Biotechnology and a MSc in Management of Intellectual Property Law from University of London. Katrina was an equity Partner at a London based firm before leaving in 2010 to have children. Katrina now acts as a consultant to London IP and is an Honorary Lecturer at Dundee University.

In the area of biochemical and chemical inventions, Katrina has extensive experience in prosecuting patent applications for individual inventors, Universities and multi-national companies. Katrina has also carried out due diligence for a flotation on AIM and launch of a generic drug.

Katrina is a European trade mark attorney who has wide experience in trade marks matters whether it is prosecuting and defending trade mark rights or understanding the commercial nature of trade marks and negotiating co-existence Agreements.

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