• Community Trademarks

EU ‘Community’ Trademark Applications

Community trademarks cover the whole EU with a single application resulting in a single registration.

The Community trademark system is very cost-effective, although it does have some drawbacks.

The Community trademark is a unitary right, meaning that it either covers the whole EU or doesn’t exist. This means that if there is a conflicting earlier right, registered or unregistered, in one EU member country then that earlier right can be used to oppose or invalidate any Community trademark application/registration throughout the EU. If that happens then it is possible, at a cost, to convert the EU application/registration into separate national applications.

Currently around 20% of Community trademark applications face formal opposition proceedings from earlier rights holders. Thus, if your main interest is the UK market we recommend first filing a UK application, as the opposition rate in the UK is currently around 4%.

The Community trademark is good value at around, and normally the best option for applicants who seek trademark protection in any EU country outside of the UK.

It is worth noting that Community trademark protection can be designated as a territory in a Madrid application.

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