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Upcoming Events Involving London IP

London IP sometimes hosts or participates in IP-related events. For example, our attorneys have talked on European IP protection at the Institute of Export, run seminars on patenting software and currently co-host an event with Bang Creations at the British Library aimed at helping businesses and lone inventors successfully take new products to market – more information below:


How to design and protect a commercially successful product.

This is a monthly seminar at the British Library Business & IP Centre aimed at helping anyone with an idea decide what to do next and to avoid making mistakes in commercializing their idea.

The seminar has been extremely popular, having run for over five years, and with over 80% of attendees rating the seminar ‘excellent’.

Why do you need to plan, prototype and protect? This workshop will help you understand how you can do this and what to look out for along the way.

From Bang Creations learn more about planning, researching and establishing a market, and how this information and related issues influences the design of products.

From London IP learn more about how to find out if you can protect your intellectual property, how to check that what you are commercializing will not infringe existing IP rights, and some useful patent and design application strategies.

Upcoming dates:

Cancelled until further notice owing to the coronavirus.

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